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The Human Resources Department is responsible for the selection process including screening, testing, interviewing, hiring and orientating employees to the City of Grand Blanc. The Human Resource Coordinator works closely with other department heads in this effort. The City of Grand Blanc accepts applications and resumes at all times and holds them on file for one year. If an opening occurs, the job is posted internally and applications on file are reviewed. Advertising and other recruiting techniques are used as necessary.

The Police Department hiring is slightly different. As with other City positions, resumes are accepted at all times. Recruiting takes place at colleges and universities and training academies across the state. An eligibility test is held when an opening occurs. Candidates are separated into priority groups based on education, experience, MCOLES certifiability and test results. After the test, an Oral Board interview follows to determine the best-qualified candidate.

Other duties of the Human Resources Department include fringe benefit administration, labor negotiations and policy development and implementation. Some policies that have been developed through the this department include: Hiring Policies, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, ADA/Michigan Handicapper Act Policy, and Code of Ethics, Workplace Violence and Employee Assistance Policy. An employee newsletter is published through this department to help keep employees abreast of City projects and developments. Employees' personnel and payroll records are held in the Human Resources Department

Christina Irwin 

Human Resources Coordinator


  (810) 694-1118 



*The City of Grand Blanc is a "Drug Free Workplace". Pre-employment screening tests for illegal drugs are required, after a conditional offer of employment is signed.  

Job descriptions for all positions in the City are on file and held in the Human Resources Department.

Applications may be picked up in person at Grand Blanc City Hall or completed HERE.

Resumes may be submitted to:

City of Grand Blanc
203 E. Grand Blanc Rd.
Grand Blanc, MI 48439


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