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Please call 9-1-1 for all POLICE service needs.

Administration Office: (810) 694-1111



by the Grand Blanc City Police.

A public auction will take place on Propertyroom.com during the month of May 2017.

The following property will be sold: Bicycle(s), car stereos, toys, jewelry, coins, stamps, bolt cutters, DVDS, hub cap, sports cards, tools, miscellaneous charging cords, GPS, portable audio accessories, floor jack and ratchet, gaming system(s), plant growing supplies, fans, pumps, dehumidifier, lights, tool box, safe and bowling supplies.

If you feel any of the above items may be yours, please contact Heidi Hensley at The Grand Blanc City Police Department at (810)694-1111 extension 224. Any return of property is done by APPOINTMENT ONLY. A photo identification and proof of ownership is required.


MCOLES Releases Community Survey

In the latter part of 2016, the governor issued Executive Directive 2016-2 which directs the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) to develop a report for Michigan based on community input. The report will offer a set of recommendations to advance the quality of police-community relationships, training, and recruiting across the state.

MCOLES is a state commission whose members represent law enforcement, prosecution, defense, labor, and the public.  The 19 commissioners set standards for the law enforcement profession in Michigan, including police selection, training, recruitment, and professional licensing. 

Each community has unique issues, and input from local residents is important.  We have created a survey that offers residents an opportunity to share their input with MCOLES.  The survey site will be open until March 20, 2017. Responses to this survey will be organized and used by the commission to develop formal recommendations for law enforcement in Michigan. 

Because it is important to MCOLES to ensure that all regions of the state and all segments of a community are being heard, the survey concludes with a request for your zip code.  MCOLES has also asked for your voluntary answers to age, race and gender, which allows us to ensure we have reached all segments within the state. The information provided in the survey will be anonymous and submission will not be tracked.

 For more information regarding the Executive Directive, please visit the dedicated MCOLES site. You may also email additional comments to MCOLES-ExecDir2016-2@michigan.gov.

If you find that any of the hyperlinks above do not work, please copy and paste the appropriate web address from the below list into your internet browser. Thank you!

Executive Directive 2016-2 = https://www.michigan.gov/documents/snyder/ED_2016-2_536527_7.pdf

Community Survey = https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ExeDir2016-2

MCOLES Information Site = http://www.michigan.gov/mcoles/0,4607,7-229-78818---,00.html

The City of Grand Blanc Police Department offers fingerprinting services between the hours of 8 AM and 3 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call the office at (810) 694-1111 for fee information and/or to schedule an appointment.

The City of Grand Blanc Police Department serves the citizens, visitors and businesses in the City of Grand Blanc 24 hours a day. The entire Police Department staff is committed to partnering with the community to enhance public safety and the quality of life. We are dedicated to providing quality police service with integrity and professionalism.


Basic Information

24 Hour Police Service 911

Records Bureau

(810) 694-1111
Records Bureau Hours 8 AM -5 PM (Mon-Fri)
Fingerprinting 8 AM - 3 PM


Mailing Address:  

City of Grand Blanc Police Dept.
203 E. Grand Blanc Road
Grand Blanc, MI  48439



Public Safety Information:


Grand Blanc Police officers are dispatched to all non-emergency and emergency calls for service by the Genesee County 911 Center through radio and in-car computers. Administrative functions of the Police Department, such as FOIA requests, gun permits and records are conducted at the Department during regular business hours.


Email spam can come in many disguises. It may claim you have won a foreign lottery or can share in an overseas inheritance. Maybe it's a money-making scheme or an illegal seller of medicines. A simple rule: If you don't know the sender of the email message, don't open it! The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) gives you the chance to go one step further. If you get spam email that you think is deceptive, forward it to spam@uce.gov. The FTC uses this database to pursue law-enforcement actions against those who send spam. You should also check your internet service provider's (ISP) website to find out where to report spam directly to the ISP.

Chief of Police

Brian Lipe 

(810) 694-1111


Chief of Police, Brian Lipe, began his service with the City of Grand Blanc in September 2014.

Chief Lipe graduated from Flint Holy Rosary High School and received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University. He is a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Staff and Command and the FBI National Academy.

While serving eight years in the U.S. Army Reserve, he was called to active duty in 1997 and deployed to Augsburg, Germany in support of the Operation Joint Guard mission in Bosnia.

Chief Lipe’s previous police experience includes over 20 years in the Saginaw Police Department, serving as Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Deputy Chief and finally, Chief of Police. Additionally, he served on the Saginaw Emergency Services Team (S.W.A.T), a multi-jurisdictional unit that specialized in high risk situations such as barricaded gunmen, hostage situations, and serving warrants to homicide and armed drug dealer suspects. During his 14 years with this unit, Chief Lipe progressed from Basic Operator to Team Leader to Tactical Commander.

Identity Theft is real and affects many residents in our city. Precautions that should be taken  involve the use of your credit and debit cards. Many card companies will call you if they see suspicious activity on your account. First and foremost, the companies do not ask for your account numbers or personal information when they call you. Questions will be asked about the suspicious activity such as; on-line charges from out of state or large item purchases. When shopping and using ‘plastic’, keep receipts with you and not with the merchandise. Do not throw out receipts in trash containers outside the businesses - there is enough information on the receipts allowing access to your accounts. Review your accounts frequently for unauthorized activity.

When traveling or leaving your residence for a period of time; place holds on mail and newspapers, contact neighbors or family to keep an eye on your property, use timing devices on lights and contact police for vacation checks.  No matter if leaving for the evening or extended periods of time, always secure the doors and windows.  If you observe suspicious activity, contact 911 immediately as you are more familiar with the activities in your neighborhood. 

If you see something that makes you feel uneasy, call 911!

Office Hours

203 E. Grand Blanc Road • Grand Blanc MI  48439 • (810) 694-1118
Police Administration (810) 694-1111
OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM-5 PM  Monday-Friday