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Recent water issues in the City of Flint have generated calls to our office regarding the City of Grand Blanc's water source. The City of Grand Blanc has its own groundwater wells and treatment plants. Our water is tested daily to ensure its safety and is filtered in a reverse-osmosis system before it is sent to homes and businesses. Residents of the City of Grand Blanc can be assured that their water does not come from the Flint River or the City of Flint water system. Yearly water reports are posted here on the website. The latest assessment can be found HERE. New annual water quality reports are posted by JULY 1 of each year for the previous calendar year.



WATER BILL NOTICE: Due to the reduction in tax amounts, because of lower taxable values, the City is unable to cover the Water Debt, undertaken to build the water filtering plants, and the Sewer Debt, undertaken to improve the drainage in various areas of the City. Therefore, the City Council voted to add a $5 per bill Water Debt charge and a $5 per bill Sewer Debt charge beginning with the bill for June/July 2012, due September 10, 2012. These will be ongoing charges, resulting in an extra $10 every 2 months for each water/sewer customer.


WHEN IS MY WATER BILL DUE? Water bills are sent on the 21st day of every other month according to the following schedule: February, April, June, August, October and December. Water payments are due on the 10th of every other month according to this schedule: January, March, May, July, September and November. Bills that are not paid by the due date are assessed a 10% penalty.



ANNUAL REPORTS are posted by JULY 1 of each year for the previous year.


Automatic Pay is available for Water/Sewer bills! Residents and/or business owners must agree to receive all future bills by email. Forms are available HERE or at City Hall. There is no fee for this service. 

Credit and debit cards are now accepted at the counter for water and tax payments. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are all accepted. A small convenience fee, charged by the card company, is added at the time of payment to cover the cost of this service. 

Online credit card or e-check options are available on your individual utility lookup page.

Drop-box payments may be made by using the drop-box near the front doors of City Hall. 

City Hall Administration office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM to accept payments in person.

Billing Period Date Billed Date Due Pays to:
2/1 to 4/1 April 21 May 10 April 1
4/1 to 6/1 June 21 July 10 June 1
6/1 to 8/1 August 21 Sept. 10 August 1
8/1 to 10/1 October 21 November 10 October 1
10/1 to 12/1 Dec 21 Jan. 10 Dec 1
12/1 to 2/1 Feb 21 March 10 Feb 1

How is my water bill figured?

Water and sewer usage is measured in cubic feet. A cubic foot is equal to 7.49 gallons.

Water meters are read by our Public Works Department employees every two months to determine actual usage. Sewer charges are billed based on the water usage.

Water is billed at a flat $11.00 "ready to serve" fee and a flat $5 water debt fee per billing (2 months) plus $2.50 per 100 cubic feet. The cost of 100 cubic feet of water is $18.50.

The sewer charge is a flat $21.51 "ready to serve" fee and a flat $5 sewer debt fee per billing (two months) plus $2.96 per 100 cubic feet. The cost of 100 cubic feet of sewer usage is $29.47.

The garbage/recycling/compost removal charge is a flat rate of $22.26 per billing (two months). 


Is there a penalty for late payment?

Payments made after the due date are assessed a 10% penalty.

Mary Hopkins

(810) 694-1118



New residents must fill out a Utility Service Application Form for water, sewer and garbage service. The form can be printed here and either mailed or brought to City Hall. If you choose to mail the form, a copy of your Driver's License must be included.

Utility Service Application Form


Residents who will be away from their residence on vacation for at least two (2) consecutive months may sign an affidavit stating when they will be gone in order to remove garbage charges from their bill during this time. The minimum water and sewer "ready-to-serve" and "water and sewer debt" fees will continue to be charged resulting in a total of $42.51 per billing.

Vacation Affidavit Form

Residents who wish to pay their water bill at City Hall in person should bring the entire bill – if you want your half stamped "PAID"

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